Club Rotation Live 24.014 SAVE Mia – Part ONE (Hardcore Hard Techno)

Hardcore Hard Techno

Hey guys,

I’m reaching out with a heartfelt plea and a chance to make a real difference in the life of an innocent furry friend. 🐾 Here at my workplace, there’s a dog in desperate need of help, facing a life-threatening tumor on his head, and without immediate surgery, his days are sadly numbered.πŸ’”But here’s where the power of our community comes in: together, we can save him!🌟I’m committed to contributing as much as I can, but the total cost of the surgery is ~600EUR – a sum that’s just out of reach without your support. I know times are tough for everyone, so I’m not asking for a lot. Even the smallest donation can make a world of difference in giving this dog a fighting chance at life.πŸ™To make sure every cent goes towards his care, please use the direct links below. I’ll keep you all updated on our progress, and once we’ve reached our goal, I’ll let you know to stop donating.

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