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    Return of the Mike

    Hey party people!

    Greetings, music aficionados! I’m back in action after dodging cyber ransomware like a ninja dodges shurikens! 💻💥 With a brand-spanking-new domain, a fresh website, and a ton of other cool stuff waiting to be discovered, it’s like I’ve been reborn from the digital ashes! 🔥💻 And hey, just a heads ...

    Music Production

    5 Big Mistakes By Electronic Music Producers

    With the popularity of electronic dance music and the increased accessibility of technology more and more people are learning to express themselves and their talents through electronic music. These new producers submit their creations for all the world to see in hopes of becoming one of the next big names ...

    Club music

    Rise of Electronic Music

    Electronic music was born in the discos and nightclubs nationwide in the early eighties. Today, this genre of music, also known as Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a music largely created by disk jockeys with a purpose of creating environment for dance-based entertainment. EDM soon became one of the ...

    Music Production

    What Is Trap Music?

    If you’ve followed artists such as Young Jeezy, T.I., and Gucci Mane, you’ve heard the term “Trap” used often. Whether it was on Young Jeezy’s track, “Trap or Die”, T.I.’s sophomore ablum “Trap Muzik”, or on Gucci Mane’s mixtape, “Trap God”, the word “Trap” has been around for years in ...

    Dj Life

    The Importance of Online Music PR for EDM and Urban Music Artists

    In today’s world it seems that everyone wants to be a singer, rapper, producer etc, the list goes on and on, but it has not always been something that has been achievable to the masses due to restriction such as finding a label that will sign you, and once finding ...

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