Club Rotation Live 24.016 SAVE Mia – Part TWO (Techno)

March 26, 2024

Hey party people, it’s your main man Mike Riverra in the house, and today we’ve got a special treat for you, sweeter than a candy-coated disco ball!🍭✨Joining me on the decks is the one and only Suzanne Ryan, also known as Windy City – because when she spins, the dance floor goes BOOM!💨🎶Now, here’s the catch: we’re tag-teaming this show like pro wrestlers in neon spandex, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess who’s dropping the beats at any given moment!🎧🕵️‍♂️So lace up those dancing shoes, folks, because this is Club Rotation Live, and we’re about to turn up the heat like never before!🔥Oh, and one more thing – we’re on a mission to save Mia, the street dog with a heart of gold and a bark that can shake the roof!🐾💖So if you’re feeling the vibes and want to lend a paw, check out the links below and let’s show Mia some love!🐶💕Now let’s get this paw-ty started🎉🐾

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