Mike Riverra

RO [Ploiesti]

Here’s the new ClubRotation Live show, revamped and ready for liftoff, featuring the one and only DJ extraordinaire, Mike Riverra! 🚀🎧

Hold onto your hats, folks! Mike’s been in the game for a quarter-century, a musical time traveler who’s seen it all. He’s a musical chameleon—slaying beats from Techno to Trance, House to everything in between. But wait, there’s more! He’s not just spinning tracks in the club; he’s the maestro behind the revamped “ClubRotation LIVE” radio show.

And more:

Picture this: 60 minutes of pure sonic euphoria, like a musical rollercoaster on turbo mode, and you’re in the front seat!

This show’s got a new face, a makeover that’s sleeker and hotter than a dance floor on fire. Mike’s your guide through a universe of beats, a musical Sherlock Holmes revealing the best of dance genres. It’s a buffet of sound where every genre’s invited to this electrifying bash!

It’s so genre-defying; we call it the magical mystery tour of electronic music, Mike’s signature spin on the dance scene. And guess what? Mike’s not just a DJ; he’s your professor of partying, dropping musical wisdom weekly!

So get your groove on because the dance floor’s beckoning! Strap in for the musical journey of a lifetime—ClubRotation Live, where genres go to boogie and beats never stop! 🎶💃🕺🌟

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